A man plunges into the icy water to save a dog trapped (Video)

In recent days, a particularly surprising video has moved users around the world . These are pictures of a dog in Russia, trapped in ice, and his savior who literally leaps into the water to fetch the animal.

We know little about the circumstances of this event. But we can guess that the dog found himself in this situation after the thin layer of ice covering the body of water broke under his weight. The animal is then unable to go back on this layer of ice , too fragile, despite its repeated efforts.

A remarkable courage

Cold and fatigue seriously put the dog's life in danger. Indeed, it was probably only a matter of minutes before he could manage to keep his head out of the water, because it is barely visible at the beginning of the video. That's when the man comes to his rescue. From him, nothing is known. But with insane courage, he undid his clothes and jumped into the water to rescue the animal . He seems to be able to walk on the bottom of the water, at least in part, but to advance this incredible hero must literally break the ice with his fists to reach the dog.

once at the animal's side, he seizes it and makes the opposite way , to reach the bank where his friend who has filmed part of the scene awaits him. Incredible images , as we do not see every day and that warm the heart, even if we are almost cold for this Russian to the great heart dipped to the shoulders in the frozen water.

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