Make your house a cat paradise!

Making your apartment or house a cat-friendly place without turn your living room into a hideous giant cat tree, it's possible! All over the world, designers are thinking of our dear and tender felines, and do not lack imagination to create accessories and furniture at once practical, playful and aesthetic.

This is the case of the German company Goldtazte (gold tab), which offers absolutely fabulous installations , to be fixed to the walls and the ceiling!

Unique pieces, made to measure

The designer and designer Stefan Hofmann began by building pieces for his cat Mowgli, to offer him something to have fun and spend in his new apartment. Then he had the excellent idea to use his imagination and his know-how by creating the firm Goldtazte
Cat trees, suspension bridges, wall stairs, scratchers, hammocks... all these accessories are unique , made to measure with quality woods, he promises. And just look at some images of these creations to be conquered!

That should ideas to the most creative and handyman of you, right? Making your home a cat's paradise may not be that complicated!