Do it all: the new game of AllCreatureAnimalClinic

You are a fan of the game of animals, a fan of the Tooniz, a professional quiz photos?

So you will soon become addicted to the new game of AllCreatureAnimalClinic: Make the beautiful !

Your most beautiful pictures of animals

Just give a rating of 1 to 5 the photo that appears randomly before your eyes. You find the photo passable? Put 1 star. You find it beautiful? Put in 5.

You can choose to list only dogs, cats or rodents, or all animals at once

No need to register for this game , the animals you add on AllCreatureAnimalClinic automatically participate

Please note, only the main photo of your pet's profile will appear in the game, take care to select the prettiest.

The most cute animals rewarded

You can already see the rankings of the cutest photos of dogs, cats and rodents on the page Make the best .

The best ranked animals will be will be honored on AllCreatureAnimalClinic and will be rewarded... So your votes AllCreatureAnimalClinic!