Lux, the greedy cat for whom freezers have no secrets! (Video of the day)

Lux the cat is a gourmet . He needs the best. And for him, the best is fish fillets that his masters keep in the freezer . But of course, Lux never has the right to taste it.

So since the masters of this beautiful cat refuse him his favorite dish, Lux has learned to use himself ... directly in the freezer. Ending by understanding the ride of his cat, his owner decided one day to film it discreetly to see how he managed to get the fish.

Here on video one of the most greedy cats and the most adroit you have ever seen ! He opens the freezer and sneaks into it, like a ninja , to choose the best piece of salmon there. "We had to use all kinds of methods to keep the freezer door closed," says his mistress, who would like his dear tomcat to stop looting his larder. But so far Lux has always managed to get his fish. It only remains to consider putting a padlock on this freezer door...

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