Lovers of cats, this company will make you dream!

Pets in the office? If in France, this practice is not at all in the mores of companies, it is quite different in Japan. Confined in small apartments, the Japanese often do not have the place to welcome dogs and cats at home. Some firms then adopt animals .

9 feline roommates

This is the case of the Ferray Corporation, a young company located in Tokyo, where nine cats roam and take a nap on computers, printers and other warm and cozy places.

Of course, have cats in the office generates its share of unforeseen and small inconveniences. But the benefits that nine felines bring to their roommates are well worth a few unplanned computer stops, unplugged cables and slight deconcentrations.

Bonuses to encourage the adoption of animals

No only the Ferray Corporation has adopted cats, but it also encourages its employees to adopt their own animals and take them to work with them by giving them bonuses (about 35 euros per month). Some Japanese firms also offer days off in the event of a pet's death.

Not only do hairballs soothe the stress of employees, but they would also have a real impact on their productivity and morale , in addition to fueling conversations between colleagues at the coffee machine.

And according to the many photos posted on the Twitter account dedicated to them , as on their blog , cats do not seem unhappy with their fate!