Lovers of cats, this man has built a real paradise for his 22 protected

It is in 1988 that this Californian began to modify the entire interior of his "home sweet home". Ramps, perches, scratching posts, hiding places... everything is concentrated here today to delight the felines he took out of the street and shelters.

Peter Cohen had collected two stray cats. Unfortunately, the first was overturned by a car that left him no chance and the second - he - survived the same tragedy thanks to the hard work of a passionate veterinarian. As a result of these accidents, scalded and saddened, he decided that no more of his adopted tomatoes - for their safety - would have access to the outside. But not at any price: he has chosen to turn his entire home into a perfect space for cats.

With the help of Trillium Entreprises interior renovation specialists, this is how his house became the House of Nekko . A dream home for any cat self-respecting that is reminiscent of the fabulous facilities of the German company Goldtazte... and which cost more than 25 000 euros.

But when we love, we do not count: the welfare of the animals he has collected comes first. For their safety, they can not go out? Never mind: they can climb, hide, play, sleep and make their claws all day. They are now 22 to share this immense space and, despite their heavy liabilities, cohabit very well together.

Awareness against feline infectious peritonitis

The man has thus succeeded his bet: to prove that with an interior adapted, domestic cats could live properly without going out .

But not that. Thanks to the enthusiasm generated by his idea for more than 20 years, he has also been able to highlight a fight that he held dearly: two of his little protégés have died as a result of the PIF (also called peritonitis infectious feline), so it does its best to alert all lovers of cats on this evil... and pushes its fans to help fund research against this deadly disease for the cat and that one in five animals is contracted.

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