Lolcats: the 5 best Tooniz of the week

Like every Friday, it's time to celebrate the weekend in good spirits with the top 5 best lolcats of the week.

The weeks pass, but thankfully, your imagination and your humor remain. You have once again created lots of new Tooniz, all of them more funny than the others.

It must be said that our dear companions with 4 legs, with feathers or with scales do not tire, they too, of make us laugh

In the program this week : fish very happy with their fate, a cat worried about his line, a bird taking his revenge, a cat having adopted an excellent philosophy and a tomcat having to deal with a heartache...

One time is not custom, it is fish that take the first step of the podium.

A tomcat who should consider going on a diet is second in the standings.

A bird finally taking revenge on the cat of the house is third.

A cat having understood everything in life is fourth of the ranking

And it is a tomcat trying to drown his sorrow that completes the top 5 of the best lolcats of the week

> And if you enjoy the weekend to create a lot of new Tooniz ? Arm yourself with a little imagination, a good dose of humor, and go here!