Lolcats: the 5 best Tooniz of the week

That's it, the Easter weekend is finally here, promise of hunting eggs and chocolate in abundance (strictly forbidden to animals remember it)! And to celebrate the good news, like every Friday, make way for the top 5 best lolcats of the week!

Once again, the week was thanks to your imagination and your humor filled with new Tooniz, inspired by hairballs that do not miss a dog ... or a cat!

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On the program this week? A very clever dog, a happy Border Collie but also greedy and adventurous cats ...

This is a very clever dog who is riding this week on the first step of the podium!

This Border Collie thinks it's a flower and offers itself the second place in the ranking!

A tomcat determined to find oil is third in the ranking

A cat with a love of risk is fourth

And it is a cat as gorumand as expert in the art of wordplay who finishes the top 5 of the best lolcats of the week!

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