Lolcats: the 5 best Tooniz of the week

Again this week, you have redoubled inventiveness to create your Tooniz ! And the least we can say is that our best four-legged friends inspired you! Here is like every Friday the top 5 of the best Tooniz of the week !

This week, it is the cats who are most in the spotlight: one seemed very attached to a catch electric, another seems very intrigued by the lens of a camera, a third is taken for a star of the French song, and a last is with a function bookmark. Only one dog enters the ranking thanks to its beautiful blow-dry!

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You too, make your imagination speak! Create your Tooniz and try to enter the top 5 of the next week!

At the first step of the podium, a cat recharges his batteries this weekend

In the second position, a dog has found a new way to brusher "wonderfully" his curly hair to the glass of a car!

Then, it's a cat who does not understand what there is to see through a lens who takes 3rd place

In 4th place, a cat obviously in full concert is taken for a star of the French song , to the despair of his comrade!

And finally in 5th and last position, it is a cat "bookmark" which allows to close this chapter of top 5 of the best Tooniz of the week!