Lolcats: the 5 best Tooniz of the week

Again and again, you have not run out of imagination this week to create your Tooniz !

Certainly, our four-legged friends make us laugh, especially when you give them the floor!

So like every Friday, here is the top 5 of the best Tooniz of the week !

On the program this week: a cat that tasted its prey; a rather unusual interior decorator; an apprentice magician; a cat who has plotted in the back of his mistress; and finally a small rodent who has decided to climb a cat's back

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You too, create your Tooniz and try to enter the top 5 of next week's ranking!

At the first step of the catwalk, a cat who expected not to be impressed by his dinner

Then, it is a rather unusual interior decorator who propels himself to the 2 th place

At the 3 th place, a pprenti magician tries to train as he can...

Cats are eternal plotters ! The one classified in 4 th place understood how to annoy his mistress of good morning!

And finally, in 5 th place, a hamster climbing the back of a cat completes this top 5 of the best Tooniz of the week!