Lolcats: the 5 best Tooniz of the week

Already Friday! Of course, the rain is falling, and the cold is back... but do not let us down!

Like every week, let's celebrate the arrival of the week-end with the top 5 best Lolcats of the week

As always, our inimitable 4-legged friends were able to inspire you and make you laugh. Result: many new Tooniz all funnier than the others.

On the program this week, a moving reunion between a father and his son, inspired by the latest hit of the Belgian singer Stromae, a cat discovering a common point with his human, a doggie decided to spend the winter warm, a tomcat looking for an apartment, or a kitten rubbing his sweet daddy.

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A lumberjack dog takes first place!

When a hen and a punk pick up Stromae's new tube... they go straight to the second step of the podium

As master, such cat! It seems that humans really choose animals that look like them!

Not easy to find housing... This tomcat, 4th in the ranking, will not tell you the opposite!

After the punk dad, here's the sweet dad! He finishes with his kitten the top 5 Lolcats of the week

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