Lolcats: the 5 best Tooniz of the week

The week is coming to an end, with a radiant sun by us ! Once again she was filled with Lolcats, each one more funny than the other. Our four-legged friends never stop inspiring the AllCreatureAnimalClinic, and that's good!

So like every Friday, let's start the weekend in laughter and good humor, discovering the top 5 of the best Tooniz of the week !

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On this Friday's program: a cute red cat not very good at hide-and-seek, doggies that have a good time when we has his back turned, a famous grumpy cat, a rather lazy dog ​​and French Bulldogs in full sun!

And we start our ranking with the famous Grumpy Cat! Always in a rant

In second position, here are French Bulldogs particularly fond of the sun.

They are followed closely by these doggies that make funny things in the absence of their master...

In fourth place, here is a big lazy dog!

And we end with the cat of one of our faithful members... who is not so good at playing hide and seek !

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