Lolcats: the 5 best Tooniz of the week

Need to relax this weekend? And if you opt for the funny method, by looking at the top 5 of the best Lolcats of the week ?

Yes, like every Friday, it's time to discover the Tooniz that made you the most laugh during the week
The arrival of autumn has not reached your good humor, nor your humor and your imagination! To our delight, you have once again created all lots of Lolcats, all funnier than others !

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On the program this week? A dog asking questions about his paternity, a dog turned into a giant dish of spaghetti, a doggie discovering the joys of baby-siiting, an amazing lasagna recipe or a kitten who thinks he's a big one!

a dog having some doubts as to his youngest who takes the first place in the ranking.

A cat who has not really chosen the best place to take a nap gets on the second step of the podium

Ce Poor dog is third in the standings. Not sure that this is enough to comfort him...

A baby-sitter dog is 4th in the ranking

And it's a little cat taking himself for a ferocious feline who finishes the top 5 of the best Lolcats of the week

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