Lolcats: the best 5 Tooniz of the week

It's Friday! The day of the week when we discover the best Lolcats of the week! So, yours is part of the Top 5?

What is practical with our pets is that their too cute tits and their ever more improbable attitudes allow us to leave room for our imagination!

Little bubbles to make them talk or funny comments, everything is possible to give us a smile thanks to Tooniz!
A rabbit at the supermarket, a Dalmatian who plays the factors, a Labrador on his deckchair ', a Golden Retriever who chats with the cows or the dog who screams to play, there is something for all tastes and all humors!

This Dalmatian is not the best in newspaper delivery but he is the first of our Top Tooniz!

This is the kind of little thing we would like to see at the supermarket...

The cow! This is a word game that has dog!

We have of course the joke...

Who wants to take the place of this dog?

> And if you enjoy the weekend to create lots of new Tooniz ? Arm yourself with a little imagination, a good dose of humor, and go here!