Lilybelle, the dog that sniffs dangerous foods to save his mistress

Lilybelle is a dog detector and hunter of nuts, peanuts and almonds . Food that is extremely harmful to her little mistress Meghan who could be very shocked if she ate it.

Meghan, a 7-year-old girl, has genetic disease called tuberous sclerosis. Bourneville, which manifests itself in benign tumors which appear in several organs. It can cause seizures, developmental delay and epilepsy.

It protects its mistress

To prevent Meghan from being in a crisis, Lilybelle ensures that she does not swallow food that would be dangerous for her. When this heroic bitch detects the presence of peanuts, nuts, or fines in the food, she immediately puts her paw on it, as if to prevent her best human friend from touching it.

But in addition to that Lilybelle is able to anticipate Meghan's crises. When she feels that the little girl is about to feel bad, she immediately alerts the people around her and comforts her as best she can.

United for Life

Lilybelle is always present in the girl's life: " If one of them is not in the room, she will look for the other. They always want to be next to each other "explains the mother of the little Meghan. " Lilybelle goes to school with Meghan, at the hospital, at church, at the grocery store, at birthday parties. They are always together. "And to add," Before Lilybelle, things were difficult, I could not leave Meghan alone in her room, as she always wanted me by her side. C It's great to know that as long as Lilybelle is here, Meghan will be fine.