Lily Allen finds her mother's dog thanks to Twitter

The stars and the social network Twitter is a great love story, and the singer Lily Allen will not tell you the opposite.

The young British regularly shares her feelings, gives news of her dog, and more recently, she used it to help her mother!

On May 27, Lily Allen made this call on her Twitter account , followed by nearly 3 million internet users: " My mother's dog just disappeared in Islington last night, if any of you saw a female White Bull Terrier, please contact me "

The RSCPA (equivalent of the SPA in Great Britain), tells him on the social network that after a search in his files, no dog corresponding to this description has ty found.

Soon after, Lily Allen announces its network that dog of his mother was found. She tells a member that the animal was found with a different collar .

According to the singer, a man was seen trying to sell the Bull terrier.

Fortunately, it is not, and thanks to the popularity of his daughter, Lily Allen's mother was able to a big hug to her dog .

And you AllCreatureAnimalClinic, have you? you anecdotes of lost animals found through social networks such as Facebook or Twitter?