Dog life expectancy

Despite all your attentions, all the care taken during the life of your animal, you will not be able to stop the time and it will grow old. We must help him in this step. The master and his dog can age together, but the death of the animal always leaves the master in a deep distress.

Dog life has become much longer thanks to a greater medicalization. Diet also plays a vital role in the prevention of certain pathologies and the practice of canine activities is very important to keep a dog in shape for a long time.

Veterinary geriatric checkups are more and more frequent and it is not necessary to be ridiculous to check his dog regularly. To be old, it does not happen only to the masters! The "old age" canine must be taken into account and pampered. Your care and attention must be redoubled.

Calculating the age of a dog in a man's age

To calculate the age of a dog, it is not enough to multiply by a certain coefficient and to compare with the age of grandfather! To make an analogy between the years of life of the dog and those of the man, it is necessary especially to compare the stages of the life.

The weaning takes place to 6 weeks. The first dentition is complete at 4 months in the dog, at 5 years in the child. The teeth begin to fall at 5 months in the dog and its adult teeth are complete at 7 months whereas for the man it is final at 10 years.

The sexual maturity intervenes at 8 months, which can correspond to an adult from 16 to 18 years old. The elderly dog ​​is likely to present pathologies due to the aging of his organs. In humans, we can consider that this type of disease occurs around 60 years. In the dog, the risks exist from 10 years. The age of 10 years in the dog corresponds to that of a man of 60.

> Knowing the human age of the dog

Differences according to the race

It is usual to say that the Breed dogs are more fragile than "bastards". This is surely true for infections, but not verified for aging phenomena. It is evident that there are large differences between small and large breeds.

Small breed dogs have a longer life expectancy and are considered old only around 12-13 years old then that big dogs are old around 8-9 years old. The maximum longevity for a dog is 27 years old. Scientists have determined that the average life is 13 years if all breeds are taken into account

The first signs of aging

  • Lack of energy
  • Drowsiness
  • Less shiny hair
  • Difficult Locomotion
  • Shortness
  • Change Character
  • Pain
  • Weight Loss or Obesity

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