Levothyrox new formula: cats and dogs victims of the drug?

Last April, Levothyrox's formula was changed. Since then, many patients complain of more or less troublesome side effects. But what about animals?

Since April 2017, patients treated with Levothyrox are entitled to a new version of the drug that has seen its formula be changed . Indeed, the lactose of the excipient has been replaced by mannitol and citric acid. It was at the request of the National Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) that the formula was changed. A new formula that would be "bioequivalent" according to two pharmacokinetic studies

The Levothyrox scandal

Bioequivalent or not, this new formula of Levothyrox seems to pose quite a lot of problems. Since last April, many patients have complained of more or less important side effects : cramps, headaches, dizziness, hair loss, extreme fatigue. So much so that a petition and several complaints are currently under way.

For the moment, the Merck laboratory that markets the drug does not intend to go back on this formula.

What about animals?

Sometimes prescribed for the treatment of canine or feline hypothyroidism, the new Levothyrox formula also seems to be a problem for animals. Side effects have been reported in our four-legged companions: hair loss, apathy... Very symptoms close to those seen in humans

Practitioners who notice these side effects in animals are invited to report it to CNITV VetAgro-Sup (04 78 87 10 40) or CAPAE West (02 40 68 77 40) . Thereafter, the National Agency for Drug Safety (ANSM) will be informed of the results.

These observations of side effects following the taking of the new formula Levothyrox by dogs and cats are essential because they allow to highlight the risks in animal health of this drug.

But that's not all, these observations will be useful in human medicine too because they will be less subjective . Indeed, in humans, side effects can be subjective. As a result, many patients claiming to be suffering from the side effects of the new Levothyrox have been told that they have been influenced by what they read in the media. A mass effect

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