Restos of the heart? It is also for the dogs!

Former SDF Nantes, Christophe has decided to become a hand extended for his ex galley companions. And it is with his association "The chops of hope", he supports the less fortunate by helping their precious companions on all fours...

Cold, hungry, lonely... he does not that too much rubbed shoulders. After ten years of misery spent in the streets of Nantes, Christophe, 42, managed to get his head out of the water. Before homeless, he now has a roof over his head and leaves daily marauding although he has somewhat reinvented the concept.

It is by bringing every day food and dog hygiene products. to the homeless that it becomes for them a real extended hand, a support different but not less important. And in fact, having experienced it, he knows better than anyone that having only bitumen for his house when dealing with an animal is not always easy: "Ma bitch weighs 40kg and eats more than a kilogram of kibble a day. It is 3 or 4 euros of the sleeve which leave each time ", he also delivered at 20minutes .

United for life

The dogs are always (normally) very valuable for their masters and that, whatever their means. And according to him, this truth would be almost more true for the homeless: "The dog is the last link we have before sinking completely. It is also a protection, of course, in case of aggression. Having someone to look after is what connects us to life, and helps us not to do too much bullshit. "

That's why, because love from a master to his dog and from a dog to his master keeps them alive, he decided to create "The chops of hope". Thanks to his association, reachable since Facebook or directly on his site , he collects daily donations of croquettes, anti-chip pipettes... then redistributes them to the poorest. And if for the time being, only the cities of Nantes and Bordeaux are equipped with intervention centers, new antennas should see the day everywhere in France in the coming months...