Law "dangerous dogs": two months later, where is the law?

Owners of dogs of 1st or 2nd category, called "dangerous dogs" , simply had to, until December 31, 2009, declare their dogs in town hall.

For two months, a decree modifies these provisions. Dog owners must hold a 1st or 2nd category dog ​​license, issued at a town hall after 7 hours of training provided by a canine educator.

A controversial circular

A circular of Ministry of the Interior, dated January 15, outraged the owners of "dangerous dogs" by imposing new constraints . Indeed, it has extended to all major members of a family with a dog the obligation to possess the detention permit. That would force about a million people to get in touch.

This circular also raises new inconsistencies, as the dog identification card provides for only one holder.

The owners of these Dangerous dogs "threatened to bring an action before the Administrative Court and finally obtained the annulment of the circular.

It was replaced, on 17 February, by a rectifying circular stating that the "The system put in place by the law of June 20, 2008 does not target all members of families whose members have a dog". It is therefore considered that the other major members of the household hold the dog on a temporary basis.

A relief for the 300 000 owners of dogs of 1st or 2nd category, already confronted with tariffs high training sessions and limited number of canteen educators able to provide this training.
It should be recalled that owners who are currently not legal will have to pay fine which may amount to 3 750 € and will incur a sentence of 3 months in prison . In some cases, the euthanasia of the dog may be ordered.