Launch of Affinity Foundation: finally a foundation to promote animal mediation!

Numerous studies have demonstrated the benefits provided by the animal on the man, and this is the reason why animal mediation and pet therapy have been developing for the past few years. With this in mind, Affinity Petcare, one of Europe's leading companies in the cat and dog food market, has chosen to promote them through the Affinity Foundation.

"Man and dog live together for many centuries, and with domestication, their relationship has been built on affection, complicity and collaboration, "says Isabel Buil, director of the Affinity Foundation. Henceforth, not only does the animal live alongside the man as a "company", but it is also a source of well-being. Isabel Buil says: "the animal is good for us". And this is why it is increasingly used with sick or weakened people; it is this ability that gave birth to " animal-assisted therapy ": animal mediation. "This magic is the Affinity Foundation's research topic," continues Isabel Buil

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Better understand the "magic" of the human-animal relationship

" Magic, that's the word. Because it is the magic that occurs when the dog or the cat, by his presence alone and his communicative positive energy, relieves a person in difficulty and provides everyone with much affection. This is the mission the Affinity Foundation has set itself: to better understand how and for what reasons the animal brings us not only a company, but also unconditional love.

The Foundation - which exists already in Spain for 30 years - wishes to conduct studies, design and launch programs to better analyze and understand how the relationships between humans and animals interact to make a better world for all. And this, in close collaboration with scientists and experts specializing in this field. Dr. Thierry Bedossa, a veterinarian and behavioral practitioner, and founder of the AVA animal shelter, is one of those professionals: "I will try to help identify and support animal mediation actions, always concerned that these actions are conducted with the utmost respect for the animal, "he said on the occasion of the launch of the Affinity Foundation, this June 13 in Paris.

3 pillars: research, social actions and communication

In concrete terms, the Affinity Foundation aims to advocate respect for animals and sensitivity to them and to promote their beneficial role. To do this, its program is built around 3 axes:

  • Research : the Foundation will focus on developing scientific or sociological studies around the ManAnimal link. A first "Pets Attitudes Scale" study has just been conducted in France (February 2017) by the Ispos Institute for the Foundation
  • Social Actions : in Spain, the Affinity Foundation is running some thirty animal mediation in institutions hosting people suffering or isolated (teenagers tutored, children, prisoners, mentally handicapped). In France, it aims to support innovative programs for animal assisted therapy.
  • Communication : the Foundation wishes to share its work with the public and to spread to the greatest number the benefits that the animal company provides in terms of health and quality of life.

At a time when France has 64 million pets on its territory and where 8 out of 10 French people say they like them even if they do not have any (according to the study conducted by the Affinity Foundation), there is no doubt that the Affinity Foundation will contribute to the democratization of animal mediation

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