Late: the crankiest cat on the web has fun! Or almost... (Video of the day)

A few days ago, it was with great happiness that we introduced you Tard, the crankiest cat on the web, and probably the world, whose photos and videos are all the rage on the web!

Just for the pleasure of the eyes, and because we need to laugh in this rainy week, we could not resist the urge to reveal another video of our darling maid .

Incredible, but true, Late is able to have fun ! Finally, almost...

His teachers are not lacking in will and do not skimp on efforts to distract their grumpy companion . But if cats can usually spend hours playing with just a piece of string, this is not the case with Late... Without ever leaving this irresistible angry air that made him famous, he chews his string without any enthusiasm...

After 30 seconds of play, Late is already jaded . But once again, it has the merit of giving us a delicious laugh!

Thanks Late!

Late, the crankiest cat on the web, playing with a string

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