Labrador and his best friends the tigers (Video)

The polar cold that fell on the United States made happy! Among them, Labrador Buda and his three best friends, big, very big cats !

Yes, Buda does not fool around in the snow with other doggies, but with three Bengal tigers of which it is inseparable
It is in the sanctuary TIGERS of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in the United States, that these improbable friends met

When tigers become big kittens

The 2-year-old dog has lived with Paramesh, Krishna and Parham for a long time, and he never tires of finding them to play, in front of the amazed gaze of the visitors of this center for the preservation of endangered species.

The recent snowfall greatly pleased them, they who had never touched or seen this beautiful white substance. " They were all so excited, the tigers turned into big kittens " amused Doc Antie, one of the owners of the shrine.

A magical moment, which is told well best in pictures: