Lab dogs in the fresh air for the first time! (Video)

You are not unaware that many laboratories use pets to perform tests. Among these animals, a dog breed is particularly used by laboratories for its mild character and its average size : the Beagle

Many animal welfare associations concentrate their Efforts on the rescue of these laboratory dogs .

Some intervention groups use the strong way to deliver these dogs; this is the case of ALF , the Animal Liberation Front, some of whose actions are considered "terrorist" by the authorities.

Others, such as the American association " Beagle Freedom Project "do not go beyond the scope of the law and retrieve the Beagles when laboratories feel they no longer need it.

An education to do

On this video, check out the June 2011 rescue of 9 Beagle born in 2009 who spent their entire life in the cages of a laboratory.

None of them knew the contact human, the warmth of a dog basket, or even the feeling of walking outdoors, outdoors.

In these images you will see one by one out of their transport cage grass, a material they have never felt under their feet before.

Host families have volunteered to educate these young dogs unfortunately know nothing about a dog's life. We wish them a long and happy life!

The touching moment of a dog who discovers freedom for the first time in his life