La Rochelle: the burglar found thanks to his dog

A 25-year-old burglar, who smashed the window of 2 shops of La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime) last June, was arrested after have been filmed by surveillance cameras . Someone recognized it? No, he was wearing a helmet, but on the other hand it was the little dog that accompanied him that allowed the investigators to go up to him.

From the beginning this story has something of comic. It all starts when a young man smashes the window of 2 shops in downtown La Rochelle, in the middle of the night, using his scooter as a ram.

He takes a few salad bowls, pots and pans in the second store. It costs about 2,000 euros . He took care to keep his helmet not to be visible, but he forgot 2 details: he does not wear gloves and his dog , who follows him everywhere, appears very clearly on camera.

The shopkeeper found the scene so ridiculous that he posted it on Youtube. The police did not appreciate the gesture, thinking that it could slow down the investigation, but that did not stop them from searching the suspect's home.

There they found some of the spoils, the scooter and... the little dog ! But no trace of the burglar. Normal, he already sleeps in prison for a very different offense. He says he acted under the influence of alcohol during the breakage... On this point, we want to believe it.

Make a break with his dog