"The Beautiful History": TF1's new short program dedicated to the animals of the stars

From 4 April to 23 June, TF1 showcases French people and their pets in its new short program, broadcast 3 times a week at 1:50 pm

It's not just their masters who have the right to the spotlight! Outside the TV sets, many French celebrities worship their four-legged friends. Broadcast at 13:50, after the newscast, the show focuses on the links between men and animals.

Henri Leconte , former star of the tennis courts, Iris Mitennaere , Miss France 2016, the actor Gil Alma , the host Christophe Beaugrand , comedian Jarry and other popular people have all been involved in the game. An emotion-packed 1 minute and 10 second television newscaster that will be appreciated every Mondays Wednesdays and Thursdays

For the occasion, Nestlé Purina has joined the launch of the program to promote to the general public the benefits provided by pets in the daily lives of children. men. To celebrate the love that unites man to animals, it is also possible to go to his personal testimony via the #WeAreBetterWithPets.

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