Kuzya, the cat became assistant librarian

With his bow tie, Kuyza is undoubtedly the most elegant and crisp librarian in the city of Novorossisk, Russia. It must be said that he does not look like other employees. And for good reason, it's a cat!

A real bookworm!

It's almost a year since Kuyza took up residence in this library. After wandering the street, the gutter cat was loved by everyone.

Employees and the library director were impressed by the talents and potential of the hairball . So much so that Kuzya got a job! Here he officially became assistant librarian.

His role ? Wander the aisles, rub against the legs of visitors, climb on the shelves, take a nap, entertain children and adults, welcome them at the entrance of the library... live his life as a bookworm in short!

Remunerated in food and cuddles

Thanks to him, the attendance of the place increased considerably. Number of visitors who first came for the chat became regulars in the library

Like any employee, Kuyza, of course, receives a salary : one box of mash a day, treats, a knot butterfly of the most beautiful effect, and hugs, it goes without saying! The tomcat has also been vaccinated, and has obtained a passport and an official job title.