Kittens to urge you to vote in 2012 (Video of the day)

Animal videos and especially cat videos have been a real phenomenon on the Internet for a number of years.

Fun, tender, moving... They make you happy Net surfers who enjoy taking a break to watch the last tribulations of our felines .

And the popularity of cat videos has not escaped the brands that like to recreate them or to divert them. This is especially the case with Bouygues Telecom's kittens or the dog that parks a car in the Ford advertising.

Cats can not vote, you yes

This time it's politics and more particularly the Eva Joly party, EELV (Europe Ecology Greens), which uses famous cat videos to encourage voters to register before the end of the year... and vote for Eva Joly at the 2012 presidential

Behind this humorous message there is a sad reality: about 20% of young people aged 18 to 22 are not registered on the electoral lists and one person under 25 years old out of 2 do not know the steps to register.

So if you are of age and not yet registered on the electoral lists for the elections of 2012, appointments as soon as possible in your town hall with an identity card and proof of residence

Abstention scares kittens

The cutest cat in the world is surprised that you are not yet registered on the electoral lists

"What? You are not going to vote? It makes me cold in the back "

3 little cats, 3 little cats... who will vote!

" I was afraid, I thought you were not going to vote! "

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