Kittens, the key to happiness

They are small, cute, do a lot of nonsense but are forgiven in the minute... These are the kittens! For the International Cat Day, you've had a more than adorable compilation!

Once upon a time, he was a brave adventurer in search of ultimate happiness. After long months of wandering, he finally discovered the place where meditated a sage, holder of universal knowledge. "How to be happy, how to reach the source of joy?" It took little more than a few seconds of thought for the old sage to deliver the answer. "Small and cute, they will bring you everything you want, and even more, find the kittens, and you will find happiness."

Although this legend is invented from scratch, AllCreatureAnimalClinic also quest for eternal happiness and ended up accessing the Holy Grail August 08, 2016, day of the International Cat Day:

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