Kittens: weaning mother's milk

at birth , each kitten (2 to 6 per birth) weighs between 80 g and 120 g. Kittens are totally dependent on breast milk for the first 4 weeks of life, after which their birth weight is triple. It is then that they begin to explore their immediate environment and are progressively weaned.

Small rations of food to accompany weaning

Weaning is a particularly delicate moment that must be progressive so as not to disturb the digestive system. Breastmilk must be accompanied by small wet or dry foods specifically designed for weaning kittens, so that the new food carrier is well balanced, highly digestible, tasty, consistent and form. suitable for small ones

It is imperative to avoid cow's milk , whose composition different from that of breast milk can lead to diarrhea problems, slow down growth and dehydrate kittens with dramatic consequences. In addition to weaning, the mother will continue breastfeeding until the 6th to 8th week of life, when her diet will consist of 90% weaning foods and 10% breast milk. A kitten weaned at the 8th week can weigh 600 g to 1 kg according to the sex and the breed.

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