Cohabitation kitten-puppy and cat-puppy

The dog-cat disputes are famous, but there are ways to facilitate cohabitation. Unless the dog is very aggressive and has a strong predatory instinct and the cat, panicked, is cornered, it is enough to know a little the psychology of our four-legged friends and to use some behavioral tips to get good results. Here's how to do it.

Kitten and puppy

Childhood makes dogs and cats completely unconscious and devoid of any form of aggression. The agreement is almost certain. They will grow together , without being aware of belonging to two different species, and will be an integral part of the human family.

Adult cat and puppy

The puppy is very confident and the adult cat discerns the puppy's unassuming behavior and accepts it from the height of his feline assurance. Indeed, the cat has defense weapons as incomparable as speed and agility and, unless he is cornered at the foot of a wall, he always manages to jump into a safe place. But if the puppy becomes particularly insistent, the cat can give a few scratches, which are often more a warning than an offense.

When one knows these behaviors, one can develop the appropriate strategy that will allow cohabitation of our companions . The cat will be allowed to move and follow the steps of the puppy; we will remain vigilant without interfering in their approaches, unless it is essential, but always taking care to act with calm and natural .

Cries and abrupt gestures are avoided. It is necessary that the approach be progressive and constant, so that they know each other well and in stages during the dog's growth period, which will then be accepted by the cat as a family member.

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