King of the burglary, a cat steals the neighbors to spoil his masters! (Video)

For months, a British cat visited the homes of neighbors to steal a variety of items, and offer them nicely to his masters!

Some owners of tomcat have the good surprise to find at home rodents and birds. But the Newman family had the right to more original offerings! Underwear, towels, slippers, sponges, and even trousers...: the wildcat she collected a year and a half ago, Denis , More than spoiled his mistress Lesley!

These sidings began just days after the cat was adopted by the Newman, a family from the town of Luton, in the United Kingdom. "It began with a sock and some pieces of paper but it gradually degenerated ", amuses Lesley, quoted by the Dailymail . " It was not especially light objects like a pair of pants, he also brought a Barbie doll and big beach towels . " she says

Denis the Malice

This little game lasted a good while, leaving its victims more than puzzled! What kind of thief can take a towel and leave TV and jewelry? A cat pardi!

But the little burglar, now nicknamed " Denis Malice ", is now unmasked. He was even filmed by security cameras as he brought his booty through the door of his house. When an object disappears mysteriously, the neighbors do not ask anymore questions. They go directly to the Newman family to get their goods back!

" I would say he brought me back a hundred things now, I started collecting them in boxes. the neighbors that if there was something missing, they had to knock on my door "says Lesley

And to confess not to want to punish his cat, nor to prevent him from restarting these pilferage . " I prefer that he thinks objects are prey rather than bringing dead animals to me on the doorstep or in my bed... ." she confides!

A sneaky cat...