Kim Kardashian: "my dog ​​is like me"

It was a long time since we had heard from the American Kim Kardashian , and you probably had to worry about not being aware to know what's going on in her hectic life!

After her escapades with a poor tomcat she was wearing through the skin of the neck, Kim Kardashian goes after the dogs. Because she says she has never really enjoyed dogs ... except since she has one!

Indeed, she adopted a Boxer puppy called Rocky . And since he came into his life, everything has changed for Kim. When asked what celebrity his dog looks the most (funny question), the starlet responds in all modesty... to me .

She adds, " Rocky is like me , his mom. He is really cool and calm, he goes over the water ". For sure, Kim Kardashian gives us a great lesson in humility. Finally, contact with a pet can not hurt him, quite the contrary.