Katy Perry in turmoil: the singer accused of animal cruelty

Nothing goes for Katy Perry who is once again in the sights of animal advocates!

Already in turmoil after a clip featuring animals released a few years ago, Katy Perry is once again in the viewer of the animal defenders

An advertisement that goes very badly

The cause of the anger of animal lovers? A recent advertisement for the singer's tour that will take place in Australia. Associated with the Myer chain of department stores, the singer staged her dog Nugget in a scene that did not meet the expected success. And for good reason since Katy Perry announces to his dog that he will be able to start the koalas hunt !

"Cuckoo Australia! I'm Katy Perry, and I'm very happy that Myer could bring my Witness Tour to Kangaroo Country. Go Nugget, get your passport! It is time to go hunting for koalas .

Words that go wrong with animal lovers who criticize the singer for encouraging people to bring dogs into contact with koalas, what is best avoided. It must be said that many dog ​​attacks against koalas are recorded each year and that most ends badly for koalas.

"Katy Perry is a model for many young and she destroys all the work we do to encourage people not to get their dogs into contact with koalas, "says Australian vet Claire Madden

Following this little scandal, the Myer chain decided to remove all the comments related to the koalas of its commercials .

"We are aware of the comments that have been made around advertising for Katy Perry's Witness Tour and especially with regard to the reference to koalas. We are currently deleting what refers to koalas.

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