Justin Bieber offers a puppy for Christmas

The young pop star of 19 years Justin Bieber was offered for this Christmas a lovely American bulldog of 7 weeks. And it was his fans who chose his name.

During their visit to Ruffin's Pet Center, the Bieber family fell for a puppy. Jeremy, Justin's dad, was quick to tweet the event and even asked his son's fans to help them find a name for the pet.
After a few thousand suggestions, their choice was arrested on a spiritual first name. The dog named Karma becomes the third pet of the young star, which annoys the members of PETA. The association blames the star for having bought an animal in a pet shop while millions of dogs wait to be adopted in American shelters, but that's not all, Bieber has not been a model of virtue in the past.

The nonsense by Justin

And yes, Justin has for the moment been able to prove that his flippancy towards his animals since he has already had some behavior problems. Last year, while in Atlanta, Bieber entrusted his hamster, Pac, to a fan (see our article). More serious, the capricious teenager had adopted a monkey. Justin obviously had the stupid idea to travel with Mally who was arrested at the German customs and entrusted to a local zoo for the duration of its passage on the territory.
Height of casualness, the star has never spent recovering his monkey and still owes about 8000 € to the authorities for the cost of taking care of the animal... business to follow!