Jo, the runaway dog ​​who took a subway trip

Lost by his masters in the 12 e arrondissement of Paris following his escape earlier this month, the young Staffie was finally found safe and sound...

Jo, a "small" staffordshire bull terrier, barely 15 months old, escaped the vigilance of these humans last Wednesday in the XII e arrondissement of Paris. If they first thought of a robbery, they were happier than ever to find him in top form 24 hours after his flight, revealed Le Parisien . And for good reason, it had simply decided to afford a ride in total autonomy before being recovered and sheltered in a house in Courtry, Seine-et-Marne.

This refuge? It was after taking the metro alone from the station Cour Saint-Emilion to Châtelet that he found it. A traveler from the RER network actually let himself be moved by the dog he thought was wandering and so decided to hand it over to a police patrol passing by.

Reunited thanks to social networks

A good part of the night during the masters of Jo - in addition to returning the district - have multiplied the calls for help by using specialized sites types "pet alert" and social networks, far from imagining that the dog had left the Capital for the Seine-et-Marne

This is Jo the dog of a friend who lost yesterday in Paris Bercy yesterday... He is super nice. Feel free to RT

- Sandrine Bajos (@Sbajos) 18 February 2016

"But luckily, [one of the officials] police, No doubt touched by Jo, took the initiative to keep her at home, time to find her owners. One of her colleagues saw our calls on social networks the next day ", said Caroline, his mistress. Despite his microchip, Jo was close to being impounded, since he did not wear a collar mentioning the coordinates of his humans. But all is well that ends well and social networks have once again shown how men can show solidarity with the hairy.

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