Jennifer Lopez on the red carpet with... a dog!

Jennifer Lopez appeared this week on the red carpet to present his new film: " Plan B ". Surprise for all photographers: it is not on the arm of her husband Mark Anthony that the bomba latina came, but accompanied by a dog.

Nubbins is none other than his partner on the screen of his next film. The adorable little Boston Terrier, is a dog quite capable of walking normally but interprets in the film a disabled dog named Nuts. The animal has apparently remained impregnated with its role and, for the occasion, its pink wheelchair has been decorated with flowers . Two other dogs were needed to interpret the role of Nuts: the three animals shared the scenes according to their respective skills.

" One was good at facial expressions, the other for move with the chair, and the third to play. They were all very talented. It was fun. Sometimes you have to wait until they understand, but it was a challenge. "says Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez was able to attract a lot of attention with a dress that made her particularly worthy. Nubbins, and some even claim that he has clearly stole the show from the star of international rank . Seeing a disabled dog in a film is a very rare , and we can only rejoice at such a novelty!

And you, will you see the film?