Jennifer Aniston finds love with her dogs

We can say that Jennifer Aniston , the ex star of the Friends series experienced the bad sides of celebrity; jokes about his story with Brad Pitt , rumors about his new idylls... all his highs and lows are conscientiously watched by the tabloids.

But Jennifer Aniston, the darling of Hollywood is all this ramdam because there are 2 things in life she can really count on: her 2 dogs Norman and Dolly.

Norman, a 15-year-old Welsh Corgi cross and Dolly, one 4 year old German Shepherd are his comfort. " Really, the most unconditional form of love you can find is with a dog," says Allure magazine's beauty.

" They're upbeat the minute that you come home, and they are still excited day after day. They are loyal, and they are always faithful. "On this point, it can not be contradicted!

Norman and Dolly have different personalities and Jennifer is recognized in both of them. " I'm like Dolly because her mind moves faster than her body, and she's a bit clumsy, like me. Norman is a little skeptical, extremely wise and not very impressed.

You too have a dog that looks like you ?