Jeffrey, the Pit Bull rescued to become a

Jeffrey was to be euthanized, like so many other abandoned dogs, and collected by saturated refuges. The Pit Bull was very unlikely to be adopted... But only a few hours before he was asleep, his guardian angel saved him .

Saved a few hours from the Euthanasia

Michelle Houston had a real crush on this adorable dog. Determined to prove that the Pit Bulls are absolutely no more dangerous than the other dogs, she followed with him obedience classes, in which the brave dog has excelled!

Over the years weeks, then months, Jeffer became a model dog. So that his mistress wanted to make others enjoy his kindness and sweetness. The Pit Bull then became a certified therapy dog. " The examiner who did the testing said," It would be a shame if you do not make this dog a therapy dog, "says Michelle Houston.

And since, The Pit Bull does miracles in the schools and hospitals he visits.

A naughty dog?

Thus, little Emma Wishneski met Jeffrey last year, when the Christmas party of his school, that of Sandy Hook, in Newton, hit a few days earlier by a terrible slaughter. 28 people were shot, including 20 children.

"When she's with Jeffrey, she keeps smiling "

Traumatized by the loss of her classmates, the little girl who escaped the died at a doctor's appointment on the morning of the shooting, immediately linked with Jeffrey.

The day after their first meeting, she asked her mother if she could see the dog again. Ms. Wishneski then contacted Michelle Houston to make an appointment, the first in a long series. Jeffrey was even invited to Emma's birthday party, given last April.

Jeffrey gave a smile to little Emma

" He is really tall and friendly, and he drools a lot , but he's cute ": that's how Emma describes her hairy friend. And the child to add, " It's a Pit Bull, they're supposed to be bad, but actually they're very nice " . Is not it said that the truth comes out of the mouths of children?

" Emma has a smile that could enlighten the world" says his mother. " When she's with Jeffrey, she does not stop smiling " she says.

And the little girl is far from the only one to have taken a liking to adorable Jeffrey. The therapy dog, which has its own Facebook page, has more than 4,000 fans!