Japan: a dog saved 3 weeks after the tsunami (Video)

A dog was rescued 2 kilometers off the coast of Japan; it was drifting on a debris pile but is alive and well,

Finding 3 weeks survivors after the

earthquake and tsunami are successors to Japan is a miracle. No one really knows how this animal got there

, or how long it has been floating off the port of Kesennuma, badly damaged after the disaster. The coastguard spotted the dog from a helicopter and attempted to get a rescuer off the ground to put the animal safe, but was scared by

device noise. Rescuers try a second approach, by boat. This time, is a success

, the dog agrees to follow them. He is not shy and seems very sweet.

The master recognizes his dog on TV

The story of this dog has so much moved the Japanese people that the images of his rescue have looped on all

And as a miracle never happens alone, its owner recognized it during a news flash. A touching reunion took place at the health center where the brave animal was housed. Ban , the bitch aged 2 years made the joy of his mistress, who wishes to remain anonymous. She still says, " We will not let her go

." Recall that the provisional record of the Japan disaster is terrible, with more than 11,000 dead and still more than 15,000 missing

The rescue of this self-contained animal is a glimmer of hope

in this time of global mourning.