Jake, the fire-victim dog turned firefighter

It n was only three weeks old when he was found prisoner of flames in a shed. Saved in extremis, this dog officiates today within the fire station of the city of Hanahan (United States)...

It happens sometimes that life is a test from its beginning. And for good reason, Jake was a little puppy just three weeks old when he found himself trapped by the flames that had seized the shed he lived in.

Saved in extremis by a firefighter from the neighborhood dispatched by his family, he was finally abandoned by the latter. The reason ? She could not financially assume the medical expenses necessary for the doggie to get back on her feet.

But following this sequence of misfortunes, her life has changed.

The young Pit Bull was burned to 75% following the fire. Even his pads had not been spared. William Lindler, the firefighter who had just saved his life, was very worried about him. So worried that he ended up calling the vet where the puppy was brought to get news of him.

And it was not his surprise to hear from the specialist that the baby had been abandoned by his masters because of his injuries, considered too expensive.

With his, he then made a decision that changed their lives for all: adopt the unfortunate.

And Jake quickly recovered from his injuries! If he immediately became the most beloved dog in the world by his new family, he also offered (officially) the mascot position in the local fire department.

"I, Jake the firefighter dog, as Mascot of Hanahan City Fire Hall, hereby promise to help make children smile with my endearing personality and help them know the fire safety rules and know what In the event of an emergency, through my efforts, I will help promote the Mission, Vision and Values ​​of the Hanahan City Fire Department.No work is too much or not important enough when there is children involved ", says the" contract "on which the dog has affixed his paw.

Today, he really honors his mission since accompanied by other firefighters, he intervenes in schools .

"I would like him to get a certification so that he becomes a therapy dog ​​for burnt children "," wrote his new daddy

However, nothing is stopped for the time being. "He is training to become a criminal fire detector dog" , said the firefighter who made his new companion, a little star of the Web .

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