Jack Tripper, or the incredible story of a blind cat

The blows of the lot can sometimes lead to beautiful stories. That's what happened to Jack Tripper, this beautiful gutter cat who is born without eyes .

Normally, one would not have given expensive skin: many people would be discouraged from adopting an animal suffering from such a disability. It was without counting on Jamie, a cat lover who was looking to adopt one at the beginning of 2010.

Accompanying a friend to a local barn in Ontario (Canada, where she lives), she spots a pregnant cat that will give birth to a litter in April.

Among the kittens, one catches his attention especially . You guessed it, it's about Jack! While she wanted to have a cat to hunt mice in her barn, she decided to adopt the feline as a pet

A cat like the others... or almost.

Jamie explains that his cat does not appear to be more disturbed than this by his infirmity . Indeed, he has always lived blind, it is not as if he had to get used to blindness after an accident for example.

When she brought him home, Jack to sniffed everywhere, walking with care and after an hour, he had already appropriated the places.

He uses his flair and touch to recognize his environment. When she holds him, the cat touches her face with her paws to recognize her in the manner of the human blind.

Like her sighted mates, Jack Tripper loves to play hours during. His favorite toy: a little bird that chirps when he plays with it! Her mistress specifies that toys that make sounds and those containing catnip are her favorite. On the other hand, it is impossible for him to approach the fresh produce that Jamie's father cultivates in his garden.

Jack Tripper in the heat of the action!

"Jack is doing very well alone"

Despite his disability, the feline has no special needs and Jamie treats him like any of his cats.

However, their vet did not fail to give them interesting information in relation to the particular living conditions of the animal .

For example, Jack does not have the sense of day and night and adapts therefore at the rhythm of his masters: he plays during the day and sleeps at night even if the cat is a nocturnal animal originally .

Similarly when he was castrated, the veterinarian himself has spared the protection collar that prevents animals from coming into contact with their scar. It could have upset Jack, who uses his other senses a lot to find his way into space.

Today, Jack Tripper is a happy cat and surrounded by love who enjoys a lot with his buddy Bear, Jamie's other cat

"Cat" cuddles a lot in the garden...

And you, have you ever known or lived with a pet with a disability? How did you live with him?

Find out the adventures of Jack Tripper and Bear on Jamie's Youtube channel.
For photos, it's up to the Flick'r account of the young woman that will have to turn.