It saves the life of a pregnant bitch alive buried by workers

In Voronezh, south of Russia, workers did some work by filling a hole caused by the erosion of limestone in one of the streets of the city. Until then nothing very disturbing, but unfortunately it took two days to understand that a poor wandering and pregnant dog had been buried during the operation!

Impossible to know if the workers have committed this act voluntarily or not, but in any case, a well-guarded man decided that he had to save Belka's life.

Hearing barkings underground, Vadim Rustam realized that an animal had to be blocked. He therefore contacted the town hall to release the animal, but not having his permission, he decided to take things in hand against the opinion of the municipality , as told by the New York Daily News

Filmed, the scene shows the young Russian removing the cobblestones from the pavement and unearthing the poor beast. After being fed and comforted, Belka was gathered in a shelter and now awaits a family.