It saves the life of a dog stuck in the floods: shattering images

When Alex Scroggins went to Conway, South Carolina In the United States, to help his mother and sister victims of the floods that hit the region, he certainly did not expect to leave with an adorable dog.

Lucky is aptly named. This lucky boy had been abandoned by his owner when the rising waters on the east coast of the United States, he could have remained stuck under the porch of his house flooded, but it was not counting on Alex's help

Indeed, when the man passes for the first time in front of Lucky, he sees first a dog agitated barking. But after several passages, he realizes that the poor beast is waiting for no one... A neighbor tells him that the owner of the Labrador had once mistreated his other dog by leaving him tied day and night without water or food, so he might not do anything. efforts to save his companion's life.

Alex then decides to recover Lucky and get him out of there. If the dog was very suspicious, his rescuer did not lose patience and did everything to gain the confidence of the animal. Once transported home, and after having washed and fed, he contacted the shelters but during such a disaster they were obviously all full.

Alex has therefore decided to keep his protégé in order to offer him the life he deserved.