It reproduces the famous stickers "Pusheen the cat" of Facebook with its cat

Julien Therrien, a Quebecer, took the initiative to transpose all the poses of one of the most used Facebook stickers on his own cat. The least we can say is that it's successful!

Pusheen the cat is the small, slightly obese cat, the most popular and cute sticker on Facebook ! With his overweight, his little face and his little princess fancies, he is the virtual star of social networks.

Julien Therrien has not failed to notice this rising popularity around social media stickers... The connection was made immediately, noting the resemblance between her cat and Pusheen the cat. " Recently, I tried to caress her when I saw a glaring resemblance to the popular emoticon Pusheen The Cat. Its greyish color, its lack of drive and its morbid obesity are for many ", told the owner of the tomcat on the site Les Populaire. It was after that that he had the ingenious idea of imitating stickers with his own cat !

The reproductions entirely created by Julien Therrien show Jackie , his pretty little kitten... whether it be reading a book, browsing the net or eating a pizza, we must admit that she is even more cute than the real Pusheen the cat, you can not find?

And for our pleasure , Jackie even offers us a little backstage bonus:

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