A dozen times in the head of this poor dog!

A woman with a big heart rescued a bitch who wandered the streets of Beirut, Lebanon, with a gaping wound on the head. This wound hid a terrible reality.

While she was driving with a friend, Amal Andari stopped to rescue a bad-looking dog who was walking on the side of the road. She had only the intention to give him water ... when she discovered the huge hole the bitch had on her forehead. She could not leave her in such a state!

Amal Andari then drove the dog to a vet. A radio revealed the presence of pellets in his head. We had to shoot him more than a dozen times!

It is in this state that the bitch, named Bandok, wandered for some time How long. Blind and suffering from parvovirus, she could have died if Amal Andari had not intervened. On arrival at the vet, his chances of survival were only 25%.

Now, Bandok is out of danger. She has been cared for and is ready to find a family for life, in Lebanon or elsewhere... She is proposed for adoption by the association Animals Lebanon.

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