Toudi the Chihuahua is the smallest dog in the world

From the top of its twelve weeks, its 7 centimeters and its 300 grams , Toudi the Chihuahua holds in the hollow of a hand. And this tiny creature could well steal Miracle Milly's place and 9.65 centimeters in the record books. At least that's what his masters, who live in Wroclaw, Poland, believe, are convinced that Toudi is the smallest dog in the world .
The adorable little ball of hair at the Sparrow's appetite is smaller than a can of soda. Certainly, she is still a puppy and will therefore continue to grow . But she is much smaller than her brothers and sisters, say her teachers, who say they must be very careful when walking in their house because Toudi is the same color as the ground.

Except extraordinary growth spurt, it It is highly unlikely that the Chihuahua will catch up.

So in anticipation of his entry into the record books and its notoriety that will ensue, the puppy has already his Facebook page , which brings together for the moment a little more than 1000 fans.

Whether or not it becomes the smallest dog in the world, Toudi will not be less crisp and fun. The ball of hair lacks neither character nor energy. And the joy it brings to its humans is not proportional to its size !