Internet users mobilize to save a dog hero

Onyx is a real hero. This young dog, a 9-month-old Pitbull , saved his entire family from a fire. But while his masters and their two children escaped the flames, and escaped unscathed, the four-legged hero was badly burned...

Hit by this story, hundreds of netizens then mobilized to raise the necessary amount to care for him.

" We were about to give up"

On Thursday 26 September, early in the morning, the brave dog woke up the whole family barking without stopping. Trevor and his wife Sierra rushed to the back of their house, where the fire started. They then saw their dog in the flames.

The firefighters responded fairly quickly, and while the damage is still estimated at about $ 5,000, the family's main concern is elsewhere.
Onyx has been burned on 30% of his body . To be treated, his injuries require weeks of very expensive treatment. But the dog's masters can not afford all these expenses.

" We were about to give up because we did not have the money for treatment " entrusted Sierra at .

Solid solidarity for a hero dog

The family then turned to the Tallahassee-Leon County Animal Service Center, which offered its services, and medications, to help Onyx.
" Our goal is to help animals stay at home with their families." In the face of this family's dramatic situation, we knew that we We had to do our best so they could keep Onyx with them "says Rachel Barton, one of the association's veterinarians

Onyx is in good hands at the hospital

A call for donations was then launched on the Facebook page of the Nothwood Animal Hospital, which has since been regularly giving news of the dog.
Soon, the money born needed has been harvested. Germany, Australia, New Zealand... donations came from all over the world. A long recovery period awaits Onyx, but affected by the history of this heroic dog, doctors say they are doing everything they can to get it back as soon as possible, and avoid too much pain.

The latest news dog are quite good . He feels a little better every day, and has managed to feed himself for the first time since the accident. Unfortunately, the veterinary team is worried about his eyes. His corneas are indeed severely burned, and it is possible that he loses his sight despite all the efforts of doctors.