International health certificate for dogs

The health certificate is requested for movements with third countries (outside the European Union). It is therefore requested for the departure from France to a third country and for the return to France when returning from a foreign country not belonging to the European Union with an animal.

It must be established by a official veterinarian of the third country of origin (in the case of importation) following a clinical examination, concluding that the animals are in good health and able to withstand transport at their destination.

In the case of a reintroduction on the territory of the European Union (return to France), the certificate referred to above may be replaced by the animal's passport; the certificate is included in heading IX of the Community passport entitled 'Clinical examination'. This certificate must be written within 10 days of return and must be bilingual (French and language of the country of origin).

The International Health Certificate, commonly known as certificate of good health , is commonly asked at the entrance to a territory. DGAL (Directorate-General for Food), in its standard procedure for the export of domestic carnivores, even considers it obligatory whatever the destination.

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