Inseparable, this dog and piglet offer a new lesson in friendship

Pigs are often compared to dogs, so their character can be similar to the best friend of man. And it's not Duke the German Shepherd who will say the opposite. Because this dog with the great heart took under his wing a young piglet which follows it now everywhere.

Sophie, the little pig, had a hard time finding its place in the world . Smaller than her siblings, she was literally no match for them when it came time to eat. Her family took up so much space that Sophie could hardly enjoy her mother's breasts, and was losing weight with her eyes. A form of natural selection, which ended unsuspectedly for the little pig.

A father of benevolent adoption

Fortunately, Tristan Quiring, son of the owners of the farm, noticed the distress of the little piglet. And this 17 year old boy, listening only to his heart, decided to give a little help to Sophie, moved by his efforts. As the mother obviously could not feed all her cubs, Tristan grabbed Sophie and took her with him to the house.

"He brought her to the house and found a recipe he could make for replace the milk of his mother, "says the father. Tristan took care of the piglet to help her regain strength. It was then that Duke, the family dog, approached. The German Shepherd seemed intrigued by Sophie, and quickly became attached to her. To the point that in a few days, the piglet and the dog had become inseparable. Duke had taken Sophie under her wing, and in return she had adopted her as a playmate.

Like a father and daughter, the two quadrupeds are nowhere near one another. Whether in a corner of the house or in the middle of the garden sunbathing in the sun. Sophie, very attached to her canine friend, even follows him in his basket when he goes to sleep.

And the Quiring family, too moved by such a friendship between the two animals, did not have the heart of them to separate. Sophie has become a permanent resident of the house, just like her boyfriend Duke.